Miss Mikey May

"There are lots of ways you can treat the blues, but it will still be the blues."
- Count Basie


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Israeli-American blues and jazz singer, Mikey's powerful and soulful vocals are inspired by the great jazz and blues divas and deliver a double-dose of musicality and emotion that radiate on and off the stage.

Mikey grew up on the stage, singing, acting, and dancing since her school years and well into her twenties. In 2012 she joined the global swing and blues dance communities, dancing throughout Europe and absorbing the best swing and blues bands from the dance floor.

In early 2016 she launched the Organ Grinders project with Jan Kořínek, world-class Czech Hammond organ player and band leader. In October 2016, the project released their debut album, 'Swing Out the Blues', featuring dancer-friendly swingin' blues tributes to classic tunes.

The project's second album 'Stay With It' was released in February 2018, and features Mikey's original compositions as well as reinvented jazz and blues classics. The album also spans a wider musical ranges, and includes some funk and latin grooves, while still maintaining the danceable groove that you know and love.

When she is not performing with The Organ Grinders, Mikey sings regularly with the Ray Charles Tribute Orchestra led by Jakub Zomer and with the dixieland jazz band AppenDixie led by Petr Seghman.





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